Highly predictive simulated stores

Simulated (VR) stores have a history of predictive, validated testing. Shopper choices in VR stores generally correlate 90% or more with real life choices. Shopnosis VR store puts the shopper in a realistic context: highly interactive, free movement, no downloading required. At scale, with samples of thousands of shoppers.

POS marketing

Test and improve aisle fins, shelf barkers, hangers and other POS before they go into production

Package testing

Understand how the redesign performs in competitive context, and if improvement is needed

Planogram testing

Model planogram changes on category and brand growth

Secondary display 3d models

* Coming soon

Secondary display communication

Know upfront that you are signing off the right promotion and messaging, to maximize sales

New product introduction

Your NPD playground. But without slotting fees, manufacturing and logistics cost

Assortment changes

How will the proposed delisting impact category sales?

Store layout and POS location testing

* Coming soon

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